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Braintree mum launches travelling Prosecco van


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A 27-year-old Mum from Braintree has kick-started her very own business by selling Prosecco in a converted pink van.
Abbie Pennick, formerly a Police Officer, has made the life-changing decision to start a portable Prosecco business following the birth of her daughter Olivia, who recently celebrated her first birthday.
The van is now ready for bookings and Mrs Pennick is already looking into the possibility of also selling rosé and pancakes.
It already has its first event booked at Chelmsford Racecourse for a wedding.

She said: “My priorities have completely changed since having a little girl,” she explained, which influenced her decision to look for a less demanding, part-time career.
“I’ve also always wanted to start my own business, but I’ve never quite been brave enough, until now.”
After various conversations with her husband, Mrs Pennick was inspired by the growing demand for refreshments at weddings and parties, and particularly noticed the recent buzz of excitement around Prosecco.
“I thought to myself, ‘I need to do this.'”
A creative friend helped out with designing the chic logo, whilst the inspiration for the name came straight from Mrs Pennick herself.
The next step was to contact a company which was able to restore the van, fitting it with two Prosecco taps at the back, as well as handling the electrics.
“We ordered it in December, and it had to be imported from Italy, so there was a bit of a wait.”

But the beautiful pink van has since been delivered two weeks ago, and is now taking bookings.
It has even had its very first test run, appearing at her daughter Olivia’s first birthday party, where it achieved sparkling approval from her friends and relatives.
Mrs Pennick personalised the event for her baby by adding a pink flamingo design to the bottle ribbons, which is something that she hopes to do in the future.
“I would love to give each event a personal touch,” she said. “For example if we were to do a blue-themed wedding we could use the blue ribbons and have the van decorated in blue.”
This is just one of the many ways that Mrs Pennick is hoping to develop her business, along with other exciting ideas.
The two taps fitted at the back of the van can be used for other alternatives, such as the possibility of selling rosé, and that’s not all.
“In the future, who knows, we could even sell pancakes- and call ourselves ‘Prosecco and Pancakes'”, she cheerily exclaimed.
Fizzical & Co is currently preparing for its first official event at the Chelmsford City Racecourse Wedding show on the September 9th and 10th, and will soon have a public website.
“It will be easier when the website is up and running,” she said, “and we’re hoping to start by offering 20 per cent off.”
But already, the business receives emails every day for potential bookings, suggesting that success is beginning to bubble.
You can contact Fizzical & Co using the options below, including the website which should be launching soon
email- [email protected]
phone- 07974 938942

Source: Essex Live