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The grapes fall off: Chablis harvest drops


Climate change has been blamed for a second year of diminished wine yield in the Chablis district of Burgundy.

The volume of grapes has been confirmed as lower than expected from September, confirming the worst fears of wine producers in the region.
Earlier in 2017, extreme measures were resorted to in an attempt to combat frosts – including the use of candles, artificial heaters and even air currents from helicopter blades.
Vineyard owner Louis Moreau said: “Unfortunately we can see that we no longer have seasons which you might describe as ‘normal’.
“We have temperature ranges, you might lose 10 degrees in 24 – 48 hours, which is huge.”

Image: Vineyard workers collect grapes in the Chablis district
France’s total wine output declined by 10% in 2016, with poor weather cited as a major factor.
As far as the Chablis district is concerned, Brexit uncertainty has impacted negatively as well, with Britain usually accounting for a sizeable 85% of exports.
Overall predictions for 2017 are similarly gloomy, with some suggesting that the Bordeaux region’s production may drop by half.
Despite these problems, vineyard owners are insisting there is no reduction in the quality of the product.

Source: Sky News