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The perks of buying a franchise in Essex


Would buying a franchise based in Essex be right for you?

Are you looking to buy a franchise locally in Essex? If so you can use websites called Franchise Directories. These also have categories to narrow down to a specific term you are interested or industry so if for example you was looking for cleaning franchises you can find franchises specifically in that cleaning industry which interests you. Also if you are new to franchising I would highly recommend you have a browse through a franchise directory called Franchiseek. Since this is definitely the best franchise directory for people who like variety and are new to the world of franchising since Franchiseek offers many free franchising guides and articles including industry statistics and even franchising success stories. Overall the thing people like most about Franchiseek is the variety since the directory offers franchise opportunities in 60 different countries making Franchiseek the biggest global franchise directory ever made.

Why is franchising good for Essex?

We will now list some statistics around the UK and how much franchising helps the economy even though these statistics are not just tailored to Essex locally they are still very good statistics to see how much franchising does contribute to the UK.

  • Franchising in the UK as a whole provides over 700,000 jobs.
  • Franchising is known to contribute millions to its chosen charities annually.
  • The whole franchise sector contributes a whopping £17 billion to the UK economy annually which allow our country to thrive more economically than ever before.

The perks of running a franchise in Essex

There are many perks to franchising and running your own franchise in Essex. We think its important you know these since most people know the basic perks which comes with running a franchise but there are many more hidden gems you may have missed so we will list these for you now.

  • When running a franchise in Essex you have a lot of freedom such as flexible hours depending on the franchise opportunity you have chosen. This is why home based franchises over the years have become a very popular option among parents which have to balance many things already so working from home gives them a lot more freedom to deal with day to day activities.
  • Also if you have run your franchise and are not sure if its right for you or on the other hand have run an opportunity for many years you also get the option of franchise resales depending on the agreement with your franchisor this is where a franchisee can sell their territory and make some extra money back from it.
  • Another amazing perk with running a franchise in the UK is that franchises have a much higher success rate than any other business model or independent business.