Home news Trapped Weymouth tower experience 'horrendous'

Trapped Weymouth tower experience 'horrendous'


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A man who was one of 13 people who got trapped up a 53m-high (174ft) viewing tower for more than seven hours has described his ordeal.Peter Hyre was one of the group, which included an 11-week-old baby, who had to be rescued by helicopter from the Jurassic Skyline in Weymouth, Dorset.They became trapped in the attraction’s capsule after it broke down as it descended from its summit, on Tuesday.Mr Hyre said: “I’m claustrophobic, it’s been horrendous.”
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An investigation is under way to discover what caused the breakdown of the tower, whose operator has apologised.Mr Hyre, from Essex, who was winched off the tower with his partner by coastguard helicopter, said: “The wind was up it was whistling about – it shakes you up a bit.”
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The rescue operation began after fire crews were called at about 16:15 BST and ascended the tower.A staff member was also winched to safety.The coastguard helicopter was then called in at about 19:30, when other rescue options were ruled out because of bad weather.The operator of the tower, said it suffered a mechanical failure – which also resulted in the brakes seizing, leaving the manual back-up system used to lower and raise the tower inoperable.A spokesman said: “We obviously offer our apologies.”
Source: BBC Essex